Life @SKMC


Life at SKMC

I shared last week at the 9 am service that when the pastoral team met in 2013 to discuss the theme for 2014 we were convicted to focus on “Joyful Discipleship”. We preached this for a month in February 2014 and now in August up to September 2014 we will focus on Joyful Discipleship based on the book of Philippians. Paul wrote the letter of Philippians from prison encouraging others to “REJOICE!!”. When we were convicted of this theme last year we didn’t know the circumstance that will surround us. But now after 8 months, looking back, I am thankful to God for giving us the perfect command to “REJOICE in the Lord!” even though our lives may be hard.


This year we started the Congregation Leadership Community (CLC) to develop our leaders into disciples and the Congregation Ministry Committee (CMC) to develop our ministries into disciple-making ones. We asked all our leaders and core team members to be baptized members of SKMC and to be a member of a cell group for their own growth. This journey is bringing SKMC into greater alignment beginning with the leaders.


We believe firmly that God has called SKMC to fulfil the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 “18 Then Jesus came up and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”


Through a motivation that is found in the Great Commandment Matthew 22:37-38

“37 Jesus said to him, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 The second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’


Joyful Discipleship for us then is obeying the Great Commission motivated by the Great Commandment expressing the joy of following the Master Jesus Christ. It is not in the comfort nor the convenience of our church or home that we are asked to follow the Master. Rather it is lived out “in the desire and the effort, for the sake of His good pleasure,” Philippians 2:13 and this is given by God Himself to each of us. The simple result is that each of us in SKMC will become as “lights in the world” Philippians 2:15!


The Bible tells us that in the last days we will hear wars and rumours of wars….nation will rise against nation…..kingdom against kingdom…..famines… and earthquakes in various places Matthew 24:3-8. My dear SKMC’ers let us follow our Master even more closely, let us “strengthen our listless hands and weak knees” Hebrews 12:12. Let us lay aside every encumbrance and run the race well.


God is a faithful God. He will not let his Church – SKMC nor His people down. His call to all of us is to “press on” Philippians 3:12, 14 to attain the goal which God has set for us “to make disciples of all nations”.
Reach Sengkang for Christ!!!


Rev Lek Yong Teck